Marit Breen – Missionary to Ethiopia

Marit Breen is employed by The Norwegian Mission Society (NMS) as an Advisor to the Western Ethiopia for the Women’s Empowerment Program. Her task on this mission include: contribute to the development and empowerment of Ethiopian women through the Women’s Rights Program in the Western region; following up on administrative and coordinate the program’s administration; working with the coordination team on various smaller events and activities and much more.


Marit Breen

About the project:

Western Ethiopia Women’s Empowerment Program strengthens women’s position in society. Women have low status in Ethiopia, even in the church. Additionally, violence is often present in the home, and forced female circumcision is a common practice.  Woman’s position in the church and society is a priority for both the Norwegian Mission Society (NMS) and the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY). The church has, for several years, focused on addressing these issues in the Bodji region, which lies in the EECMY’s Western Synod.  As a result of these efforts, a striking difference can be seen between the position of women in this synod and in other synods. One of the milestones is that at least 30% of both staff and members of boards and committees in the Bodji region are now female. An important approach in achieving the desired changes is the implementation of discussion meetings at the municipal and district levels, where the topics such as : violence against women, human rights, family planning, HIV / AIDS,  sexuality and marriage are thoroughly discussed. In addition, the church holds seminars on these topics in different schools. It is expected that the project will have positive effect on women’s position and situation throughout Western Ethiopia.