Dorcas Ministry

Serving God through serving each other!

Dorcas Ministry is an SIC based outreach ministry initiated by Denise Johnson-Joakimsen and established by three women:  Johnson-Joakimsen, Melanie Multamba-Ferero and Marta Juliana Dale in 2013. Today it is organized and run by Melanie Mutamba- Ferero, volunteer members of Stavanger International Church. Their mission is to meet different needs in our community, through committed and gifted volunteers from SIC and from the community.

Dorcas Ministry was inspired by Acts 9:36-39: the story of Thabita (also known as Dorcas), a disciple who lived at Joppa known as a woman full of good works and charitable deeds. Through this ministry the volunteers aim at “give food to the hungry; a drink to the thirsty; invite in a stranger; clothe the naked; visit the sick and those in prison”, according to the book of Matthew 25: 31-45.

Currently Dorcas Ministry is funded mainly through Donations and fundraising activities.

We believe that we are called to serve: Newcomers to Norway attending Stavanger International Church, Students who have lack of funds, the elderly, the sick and those who lack the means to have a decent existence. Our service include:

  • Dorcas Student Dinners every Thursday @ hosted from 17:00 at the Marie Føreides Hus –SIC Fellowship Hall (address: Misjonsmarka 10
    4024 Stavanger (white building across Misjonshøgskolen main entrance – Misjonsmarka 12)
  • Dorcas Second-Hand Shop: receiving new-to-lightly worn clothing and giving to those in need. Shop open every Thursday from 16:00 to 19:00.
  • Meals for new parents and the sick: this service is on seasonal based on the need. Please send the office an email with a request or suggestion of anyone who might need this service.

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Denise Johnson-Joakimsen (left) and Melanie Mutamba- Ferero (middle) and Marta Juliana Dale (right)

 Are you a Dorcas woman – desiring to serve the needs of others and  minister to them in a practical way? Join our team and be Christ hands and feet in our community.

To volunteer for Dorcas Ministry click here