About Us


“Training disciples for the next move”

This our vision at Stavanger International Church. Whether your next move is geographical, spiritual or both, we want to equip and empower you while you are here. And we want to enable you to use your gifts to equip others.



We believe in the triune God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We believe that only through the grace of Jesus Christ it is possible to enter the Kingdom of God. We believe that the Bible is given to us as the Word of God and is the authority concerning God and the life of the believer. We follow Jesus and look for opportunities to be his hands and feet in practical ways as we share the gospel. As we seek Him, we reflect, discuss, care, guide, pray and worship in order to draw us and others closer to Him who gave himself for us in order for us to have life now and forever.

Guided by ecumenical and historical confessions/creeds, we have close relations with other churches locally and globally.



Stavanger International Church aims to be a growth group based church. Groups of different shapes and sizes meet regularly for Bible study, fellowship and outreach.

Read more about our Growth Groups.

As partners in God’s mission, SIC supports both local and international mission in being Christ’s hands and feet to spread His message of hope.

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Join Us

For those interested in joining Stavanger International Church in a more formal way, there are two categories of membership as described below.   Feel free to contact Pastor Joeli Baleiwai at pastor@sic.no, or the church office at office@sic.no, for further information.

Member Status

Membership in Stavanger International Church is available to:

Those who believe in Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior and state their purpose to obey Him in all things, make public profession of this faith and purpose, and are baptized in this church, if they have not previously received Christian Baptism.

Those who are members of another Christian church and reaffirm their Christian faith or purpose, or present a letter of transfer from the church where they are presently members.

Associate Member Status

It is possible to join SIC as an Associate Member for those members of another Christian Church who, because of the temporary nature of their residence in this community, wish to retain their membership elsewhere, yet desire to associate in fellowship, worship, and service with Stavanger International Church.